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Yuan dynasty ruins The sea of tranquility

Date: 2014-12-15

If it is not built new park, yuan dynasty may look and humble, but it is the ordinary passengers, to witness the city for hundreds of years of ups and downs ups and downs.
Past lives
To yuan four years (1267 years), Kublai Khan yuan dynasty, built on location in both gold city northeast outskirts, RMB to thirteen years (1276), 28 kilometers of governments to build a circumference.In the northernmost part of the city wall, Ming south north wall, remains outside the city, which is from Beijing known as the passengers.Sand-layered west wall have clean up the site, the old floor hall, and there were double mound rise steeply, green trees, songbirds 4 xiang, rich country scenery.Ming yongle, namely "thistle door smoke tree," said, is one of yanjing eight sights.Since the Ming and qing, ACTS as "ji door smoke tree" name, and city wall ruins became more and more destroyed.The construction of the yuan dynasty, but also lay the foundations for the later the city planning and design.
In this life
Yuan dynasty ruins as physical remains of Beijing urban civilization development, to witness the city for hundreds of years of wind and rain.In 1957 and 2006, the yuan dynasty ruins, in turn, is listed as Beijing and the national key cultural relics protection of ancient units, more to take on retraces Beijing's historical and cultural significance.Capital city of yuan dynasty ruins now almost can't see the original lush shadow, more like the city take a slice of solitude.In 2003, the remaining 12 kilometers, on the basis of city wall ruins, build the meta park park, mostly built nine new scenic connect haidian and chaoyang districts.The abortion of the riverside park, there is a piece of Beijing's largest haitang, Lin flowers on both sides of the name is very poetic - "haitang huaxi", each year in the middle of April to early may, it is the flourishing of Chinese flowering time, one of the three largest flower festival in Beijing Chinese flowering crab-apple section in the yuan dynasty ruins park.Is the so-called "haitang smile to welcome guests, stay to see huaxi district", the biggest characteristic of most now yuan park, also be to the Chinese flowering crabapple, provoked people come to for an outing.