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A fine for drunk driving increased to 1,500 yuan

Date: 2012-12-02

WASHINGTON reporter Guohong Peng Huang, "pedestrian signals are not required to indicate the passage of at 20 yuan fine. Pedestrians do not obey traffic police at 50 yuan fine in hospital units in the residential areas do not yield to pedestrians in at 150 yuan fine." . Recently, the "Jiangxi implementation <The People's Republic of China on Road Traffic Safety Law" means Amendment (Draft) "was drawn to the second session of the Standing Committee of Jiangxi Province fifth meeting. This draft duties on road traffic safety, vehicle and driver, road traffic conditions, and other aspects of road traffic regulations specific specification.

Internal and Judicial Affairs Committee of Jiangxi Provincial People's Congress chairman Hu Xian for the deliberations of the draft amendments to the report pointed out that with economic and social development, the province's driver, vehicle, road mileage rapid growth, people, vehicles, road contradictions in the local area more serious, all localities and departments especially in the public security organs of the traffic management department of law enforcement practice there have been some new situations and new problems. Existing in 2008 to develop a "Jiangxi implementation <PRC Road Traffic Safety Law" means "part of the terms were not suited to the current needs of law enforcement, it is necessary to modify and improve.

It is understood that the draft amendments were made 27 changes, for buses and school bus traffic safety management, drunk driving, pedestrian "Chinese-style cross the road" and other hot issues of the larger social impact of new or refined penalties.

The draft stipulates that passenger vehicles for highway operations, heavy truck, tractor, dangerous goods transport vehicles and school buses should be installed, used in accordance with national standards tachograph or global positioning system, car sleeper bus should be installed video devices. Transport enterprise or related entity shall implement the main responsibility for security monitoring, to strengthen people-owned vehicles and driving dynamics regulation. Motor vehicle drivers shall remain tachograph, or global positioning system for normal operation. About the school bus traffic safety management, the draft provides education authorities should be road safety education into the legal educational content, and urge the implementation of students in school during the school traffic safety measures. Strengthen supervision of schools, guidance, supervision, establish and improve school bus safety management system, clear and implement school bus safety management responsibilities, organize schools to carry out school bus safety accidents emergency drills.

The draft also requires increased for drunk driving violations crackdown. For example, driving a motor vehicle after drinking, at 1,500 yuan fine; due to driving a motor vehicle after drinking to be punished once again driving a motor vehicle after drinking, at 2,000 yuan fine; operating a motor vehicle after drinking, driving, at 5,000 yuan fine.

The draft stipulates that pedestrians through the intersection or crossing a road, do not take the crosswalk or pedestrian crossing facilities; through a railway crossing violation of laws and regulations; absent sidewalk walking; lined up to pass on the road more than two per row, with imprisonment 10 yuan fine. After the revision of the draft regulations, pedestrians are not required to pass the signal indication at 20 yuan fine, pedestrians do not obey the traffic police at 50 yuan fine.

The draft also added in the unit for motor vehicle drivers hospital, residential area not low speeds; motor vehicle lanes without division, non-motor vehicle lanes and sidewalks on the road, not in the middle of the road; through the intersection, the case of the release signal is not successively passed; through the intersection, turn left, do not rely on the center of the junction turn left; through the intersection, turn right lane in case of a car waiting with the release signal, without waiting the five acts were penalties. Proposed penalty amount of $ 100.