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Lu Yong: Beijing fledgling innovative development of modern tourism opportunities ushered

Date: 2013-08-03

China Network August 2 hearing today, the Beijing Tourism Development Committee Renlu Yong in the first half of 2013 the city's tourism work conference stressed that Beijing tourism is in transition, a critical stage of transition, it is necessary to further unify some major issues ideas and build consensus. This year, the Beijing Municipal People's Congress will be the first to listen to the municipal government work report of tourism, which is to promote innovation and the development of major Beijing tourism opportunities. How to seize the opportunity to promote the development of tourism in urban development to solve the positioning, ideas, priorities, needs careful analysis and work together to promote.

Lu Yong believe that it is Beijing's urban development has two distinct characteristics, namely, the development of urban transformation, moving from the traditional to the new urbanization urbanization forward; Second, the industrial optimization and upgrading to the new industrialization to create an upgraded version of the capital's economy. Accompanying, Beijing tourism industry also entered the modern tourism "take off" an important stage, that tourism development from traditional tourism into the modern tourism growth phase. Traditional tourism is a small number of people, sightseeing tours as the main feature of modern tourism is popular, sightseeing and leisure as the main indicator. In terms of scale, Beijing is to achieve a modern tourist "take off", but the quality perspective, Beijing's modern tourism "take off" has just begun.

First, the city's transformation and development of modern tourism takeoff support. Urbanization, industrialization and opened a new era, but the traditional industrial cause excessive consumption of resources and environmental damage situation has cropped up. Since our urbanization is built on the basis of traditional industrialization, traditional problems of industrialization urbanization also has many traditional performance, the most prominent is the "urban disease", including environmental pollution, traffic congestion, shortage of resources, ecological imbalances, urban and rural conflicts. Shift from the traditional new urbanization urbanization, we are required in this process of thinking Beijing tourism development issues.

Second, the optimization and upgrading of industrial take-off power of modern tourism. Beijing city-specific functional requirements, the leading industries of the service characteristics, characteristics of the integration of industrial development, mass tourism Huimin demand, determines the optimization and upgrading of industrial development to achieve the transformation and upgrading of modern tourism to become an objective necessity, in the building upgraded version of the capital's economy to build Beijing Tourism upgraded version of the history of this generation tourist who has given us an important responsibility.

Third, to solve the problem is to achieve three key modern tourism takeoff. Development economics tells us that the true sense of the "take off" the need for effective address three issues, namely, increased tourism and protection of investment in public services to meet the needs of mass tourism, the second is the formation of modern tourism-dominated city pooling of resources, industry linkage integrated system, three is to establish a sound conducive to the sustainable development of modern tourism policies and systems, service support system. The three major problems of modern tourism is to achieve the key issues that must be addressed to take off. Currently, we are facing the pressure of tourism and the surge in demand, the surge in demand are also facing the challenge of leisure. Under these conditions, to resolve these three issues, only in the urban transformation, industrial optimization and consider that only through comprehensive reform can be achieved. As Comrade Deng Xiaoping pointed out, "the development of tourism and urban development to be taken together."

Fourth, cure market ills is to achieve the foundation of modern tourism takeoff. Develop tourism resources, development of modern tourism industry, mining tourism consumption potential, we must first improve our traditional positions of supervision and regulation. And with 30 years of Beijing tourism development, affecting the image of the capital city, destroying travel order ills attendant also kept and constantly interfering with us. In the case of tourism demand surge, if not effectively solve these problems, let this affect further enlarged, it makes us a stable environment can not effectively promote the transformation and upgrading of tourism, thus tackling the tourism market ills than ever even more urgent.

Because of this, we need to promote tourism through effective implementation of comprehensive reform Beijing tourism transformation and upgrading. Through the efforts, Beijing won the country's first provincial-level National Tourism comprehensive reform opportunities. This year is the implementation of the National Tourism comprehensive reform in the first year, how to seize the opportunity to promote the comprehensive reform to realize the transformation and upgrading, earnestly hope that the industry study. (Ng policy Lifeng Sen)