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The Red Wall Hotel (Hongqiang Fandian) is just 300 meters west from the Chinese Art Gallery,and the walk to the gallery from the hotel takes guests along Yan'an Wu Si Boulevard. Several popular attractions are nearby,including the Imperial Palace Museum,Jing Shan Park and Beihai Park. For those who want to explore Beijing's shopping,lively Wangfujing Avenue is just a stone's throw away from the hotel premises.[View Detail]

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  • DAVID016681
    Very good location, suitable for a business trip!
  • carter_xu
    The hotel itself is very good! but the environment is not good that was people from morning till night with tourists! too much! aside have no say! recommended!
  • aileensun1001
    Good location, internal as well as external conditions are ideal, from the forbidden city near Wangfujing, Tiananmen Square, nice stay!
  • GIGI258
    That's good
  • e00819345
    Which is very nice
  • balcon8
    Very good location
  • aiPearl
    Out of convenience, room OK
  • jessieSeven
    Location was good, Metro station is a little further away, bus stop very near.
  • gydd66
    Nice hotel, service, convenient to public transit, Metro is much more expensive prices!
  • cisi gaga
    Hotel location is very good, everything OK, health should be better, improve, but is better than most hotels.
  • fredericyu84
    Gap with the high-end Hotel standards, but if it's tourism, attractions such as the forbidden city is very near.
  • littlexiang
    Well, right out of the box also check
  • saliyu1983
    Room was a bit small, others can also.
  • adriano123
    Located in the city centre, bus stop going out, away from Tiananmen Square, not far from the National Palace Museum
  • Pacoliu
    Hotel is good, walk to to Palace of smart door also on ten minutes of thing, because geographic relationship of reasons, near to Palace near to Xidan of bus many, but Metro on far has, habits sat Metro will think somewhat not convenient, but hotel within of in the restaurant really have is good, taste good, price and reasonable, weight and foot, especially inside of fried radish round child and Wu lang biscuits too delicious has, we a 5 big 1 small, each meal 200 within on get has, isMany times still couldn't eat it all. breakfasts in the hotel at the edge of qingfeng buns, is also very good, but think only of delicious pork and scallion, and other flavors really can't eat. WIFI in the room on the second floor of the hotel front desk position can be found, and other estimates have no signal. In addition to remind you is that to Beijing tourist spots to take the subway or a bus is very convenient, do not participate in the net or the so-called day trips on the road, especially that of ChinaYouth travel agency, is a cheats, I first heaven has Dang, to has wall, online introduced of attractions except wall stay has a hours outside, other are is passing, from 9:30 A.M. finished wall Hou began on a received a of shopping points to shopping, car except tour also forced per person make has 150 yuan of see performances of costs, that performances is so-called of flyover acrobatics, place and small and black, performances vulgar was, also can't said not see, anyway way of fear, also didn't approachBack Beijing. has been mill to 4:30 P.M. put people put in water cubic, waste day time not said, also complaints no door, call to set mission of place, said not they arrangements of, can I of phone only they is. not know Beijing city Emperor feet, how no a sector out tube about, I see many we such a car car of visitors was cheat, I forget about, half hours within access of bus car at least has 8, 9 car, this cheats of exists not know will effect how many in Beijing inMind in the of impression. other place OK, so to play since has to play best, not clear road can asked hotel front desk, they service is good, don't believes tours, Palace No 5-6 hours play not out of, but with has mission Hou up 2 hours on put people with out has, and they go fixed line, all people squeeze in with, many place are to not to.
  • ding1112
    Environment is good service also very good ride
  • joeybb
  • bobo_lulu
    Free upgrade to suite, service is very good!
  • lpwolfs
    Hotel location is very good, is the station a little trouble, Beijing station, take the Subway Line 2 transfer line line Line 1 under the Wangfujing and sat 103 junction station to the beach, I hope to help other friends
  • lenen
    Provide preferential big bed room, the room was small, no effect of old, is the second stay at, there is no standard room the first time feels good.
  • millietom
    Good location, convenient transportation
  • cbygg20
    Close to the forbidden city, northeast corner of the forbidden city, convenient to the forbidden city tour
  • Majinsen
    Overall good, uneven is the facilities
  • landytong
    Poor service attitude, Environment General room. two 5 nights on the Internet, connected to the requirements, go to in two different buildings, but can make do with a night for a hotel.
  • bsb66
  • S-UNO
    Location very good naozhongqujing clean reception very good very close to the forbidden city
  • Mr Pu
    Overall pretty good
  • gang_m
    Traffic can also walk to Tiananmen Square the forbidden city for about 20 minutes or so, reception is very good, room is a little old, very quiet around. not very picky, this hotel can be. important note No WiFi during the day.
  • clarissa.yao
    Hotels for years, older hardware facilities, but the service attitude is good
  • Cocoo
    Chinese style sound-good location
  • aaass
    No wireless in the hotel lobby, booking shows there is no clearly marked misleading caused the field to Putin staying guests very convenient
    Furniture of the room was very clean a little old no WiFi less convenient ~ Palace nanluoguxiang, or something very close, walk and enjoy the surrounding alleys feels good by staying very convenient
  • BENNET0722
    Beijing City Center easy to ride, very close to the forbidden city. good.
  • Liv.Jiang
    Prices are cheap. very clean. services are also quite good. convenient. is the room is small, and overall satisfaction.
  • lixin0107
    Hotel OK, service is OK. travel is convenient on the forbidden city Palace Museum in.
  • LXL0579
    Great affordable
  • mabelwang98
    Fine, the distance is close to the National Palace Museum, convenient
  • ABEE521221
    Only the Wi-Fi in the lobby. convenient transportation from the forbidden city near easy to walk around at night. Room cleaned every day organize ... book standard room two people slightly smaller. Other very good ... only downside is no Wi-Fi
  • brianpp
    That's no problem
  • Jocund
    Very clean, is the second time, the traffic is very convenient
  • andre
    Good location, hotel is a bit old.
  • jinc917
    Easily accessible, convenient to the forbidden city, economical and practical!
  • laobaicai
    Inexpensive, health room, good service, convenient, next to learn the qingfeng buns greatly eaten, and will come again.
  • canyonming
    All right
  • E00046589
    Excellent service,
  • Canon
    We was globally satisfied. Just the room was small.
  • laiyongxuan12
    Hotel better than you thought, location is really nothing to say, go, is very convenient, but no WiFi in the room, the signal is not too good, hot the room is not too stable, everything is fine.
  • e03316708
    Also, get this price
  • sino12
  • cobra_boy
    Is the lights, nice