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The Red Wall Hotel (Hongqiang Fandian) is just 300 meters west from the Chinese Art Gallery,and the walk to the gallery from the hotel takes guests along Yan'an Wu Si Boulevard. Several popular attractions are nearby,including the Imperial Palace Museum,Jing Shan Park and Beihai Park. For those who want to explore Beijing's shopping,lively Wangfujing Avenue is just a stone's throw away from the hotel premises.[View Detail]

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  • plumxu_0109
    Transportation is very convenient, convenient to the Wangfujing, forbidden city, surrounded by the snack bar, the hotel is a bit old, but still very comfortable and is very satisfied with the
  • d03425408
    Very convenient, and are satisfied with the configuration of the hotel and the room size.
  • jandanai
    It's OK
  • Freesalon
    In General, is very good! nice!
  • DL955555
    Thanks to the front desk upgraded Deluxe standard rooms, beds really is big enough, good Chinese food! from the forbidden city, Beihai Park, Prince Gong's mansion is close! more economical!
  • empty0531
    All are good, good location but old facilities.
  • baowwnew
    Deluxe Super value. the hotel is old but facilities are complete. good location, is a bit far from Metro station, but to go out there for the bus.
  • LOVE jingjing:)
    Very grateful to the front desk the room upgrade to Deluxe standard rooms, helpful staff, room conditions are relatively poor, good restaurant in the hotel, recommended!
  • caomu
    Are very good, service was very good, very professional and patient ...
  • Amy1986
    Room very good
  • bjmaybe
    Convenient location, unfortunately, big house in bad light, light house and small.
  • alexlinbin
    Elegant environment, the ointment after I requested a room with a window and there is no negotiation is also the swap!
  • joeybb
  • lemoncoffe
    Location is very good!
  • gyjnu
    Reminded everyone of is is, to Beijing Hou the attractions sat Metro or bus very convenient, do don't participate in online or road of so-called tour, especially that China Youth Travel Agency, is a cheats, I first heaven has Dang, to has wall, online introduced of attractions except wall stay has a hours outside, other are is passing, from 9:30 A.M. finished wall Hou began on a received a of shopping points to shopping, car except tour also forced per person make has 150 yuan ofSee performances of costs, that performances is so-called of flyover acrobatics, place and small and black, performances vulgar was, also can't said not see, anyway way of fear, also didn't approach back Beijing. has been mill to 4:30 P.M. put people put in water cubic, waste day time not said, also complaints no door, call to set mission of place, said not they arrangements of, can I of phone only they is. not know Beijing city Emperor feet, how no a sector out tube about, I see many IAre such a car car of visitors was cheat, I forget about, half hours within access of bus car at least has 8, 9 car, this cheats of exists not know will effect how many people Beijing in mind in the of impression. other place OK, so to play since has to play best, not clear road can asked hotel front desk, they service is good, don't believes tours, Palace No 5-6 hours play not out of, but with has mission Hou up 2 hours on put people with out has, and they go fixed line, All people squeeze in with, many place are to not to hotel is good, walk to to Palace of smart door also on ten minutes of thing, because geographic relationship of reasons, near to Palace near to Xidan of bus many, but Metro on far has, habits sat Metro will think somewhat not convenient, but hotel within of in the restaurant really have is good, taste good, price and reasonable, weight and foot, especially inside of fried radish round child and Wu lang biscuits too delicious has, we a 5 big 1 small,200 or less per meal is done, a lot of times there will be unlimited. breakfast in the hotel on the edge of qingfeng buns, is also very good, but think only of delicious pork and scallion, and other flavors really can't eat. WIFI in the room on the second floor of the hotel front desk position can be found, and other estimates have no signal.
  • alvin84530
    Very clean, facilities are complete, out of the Imperial Palace are within walking distance to the hotel, leisure
  • pms001
    Environment is good, the service is good ... next time will come
  • tina_joe
    All are pretty good
  • adriano123
    Located in the city centre, bus stop going out, away from Tiananmen Square, not far from the National Palace Museum
  • e00025200
    Beijing service, were supposed to stay for 3 days, then things were not completed, so we ordered 2 days, but then it is over, check out a day early
  • eve989
    Well, it is a bit far from Metro station, the forbidden city is very close to the, there is a shop qingfeng buns
  • bbfwolf
    Pretty good
  • lonestars
    Good location, on the edge of the forbidden city, which are quite near,
  • butterliao
    It's not bad
  • feelingi
    Location good, near the forbidden city. diet easier, snack well. taxi is not easy, go to Beijing high-speed taxi difficult. the hotel is a bit old.
  • E00160569
    Easy to access, and the Palace Museum right next door.
  • andy_wubo
    Accommodation very good, service very well. recommend next time.
  • aoiwong
    Hotel location is very convenient, and also a lot of places to eat around. the price is a bargain, the rooms are large. the only inadequacy is that the bath water a bit blocked, not clear in time.
  • ruosongli
    No hotels around but basically, it is convenient to visit unique venues. the table to fill-why come to Beijing
  • MaggieWu1216
    HA HA HA HA and HHHhhhh
  • jww612
    Location OK, central location, where convenient, very close to the forbidden city Tiananmen Square East, take a bus, but the environment is not so good, visitors, even
  • robin0515
    Location is good and convenient, but some old General can also
  • mooliu
    Although the facility is a bit old, sound insulation effect is slightly less, but very convenient for transportation, hotel restaurant, the price is very reasonable, great!
  • Andrew-sg
    Room without water, nothing says. Lotus is bad. renovation is too old.
  • laobaicai
    Inexpensive, health room, good service, convenient, next to learn the qingfeng buns greatly eaten, and will come again.
  • jsw121
    Very nice. ... parents are satisfied with
  • panbeifeng
    Especially good
  • gr126
    Location good, on in Palace backdoor near, to Tiananmen, Wangfujing area are has bus, one or two a station. out has Hotel hundreds of meters is Jingshan Park, Beihai Park. Beijing of Metro is strange, to attractions sat Metro out has station are to go a distance, bus on is convenient. hotel near of bus station has many, beach Junction East, beach junction south, beach junction West, beach junction north, Jingshan Street like of site are not over 300 meters, to all direction of busCar has. Beijing tourist market, all black, black tour guide, easy to be fooled, do your homework in advance of the tour.
  • dongwen0777
    Hotel location very good, out regardless of bus also is to Metro station are is convenient, to bus station is near, line also more. traffic extending in all directions of! away from Jingshan Park also very near! on in next door! then is Beihai Park, away from Palace only ten minutes away! away from Wangfujing only ten minutes car drive! hotel facilities compared old, but compared clean, worth a mention of is hot quite of good Ah! air conditioning effect also is good! rice no in Hotel eat, not know how? hotel service also OK, WeiAlso good! anyway hotels worth staying!
  • aixin
    Official planning Lake urns
  • lavender06
    During the summer here, location not said easily. the hotel environment is also very good, but no WiFi in the hotel room. service attitude is also very good, in short, is recommended.
  • CoryCory
    Good location, service OK, old
  • lxbcy
    It wasn't too bad
  • suilm621128
    Good location, but the facility is too old, standard of services are State-run hostels.
  • gang_m
    Traffic can also walk to Tiananmen Square the forbidden city for about 20 minutes or so, reception is very good, room is a little old, very quiet around. not very picky, this hotel can be. important note No WiFi during the day.
  • norray
    Nice hotel, close to the forbidden city and Jingshan Park, is the old facilities, overall okay!
  • bbbear
    Very close to the forbidden city, surrounded by bus, to the North Sea, Tiananmen Square, the Zoo, the Oriental Plaza, not far
  • new7moon
  • ccewig
    OK, just a bit stuffy feeling stuffy.
  • lyly114
    In addition to the facility slightly old point, others are very good and quiet. good quality of sleep; from the area near, I stayed in a Deluxe standard room 2310, the room is quite big.